A Superwoman

tags-300x205From her younger days, she was a simple and happy-go-lucky girl. She did not have big plans for herself and was happy the way her life was going. She was intelligent, diligent but not ambitious. She only wanted the ones she loved to be happy and did whatever she could to make them smile. When she took on a responsibility, she did it to the best of her abilities. She did this not to impress anyone but because she was DNA-ed that way. She believed, if you do something, put your heart and soul into it, else you should not take it up. This was the reason for her being reluctant to take up any new role in life. Taking a responsibility meant giving her 100%.

As life moved on, her roles increased – from a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, to a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, to her various roles in the professional front to her different roles in her social front. The roles kept adding and so did her responsibilities. She kept putting her 100% into each one of those roles. She was not good at letting go of some roles or responsibilities because that meant letting go of those relationships. She loved them all and stretched herself to meet their expectations. She could only compromise on ‘ her’ time. She had no time to do things that she liked doing or that gave her solace or de-stressed her.

Expectations only increased from all quarters. She was termed as a ‘Super Woman’ by all. Some envied her, some loved her, some wanted more from her, some admired her, yet some wanted her to fail…
She was expected to be a Super Woman.  And she became one. Did she want it that way? Did she really want to be tagged? It did not matter. She was one.

One day, the ‘Super Woman’ collapsed. She was no more. A few tears, a lot of sympathy, a few discussions over a drink or coffee on Super moms and Super women….

From the heavens above she said… ‘I also wanted to cry, reach out, say no, be hugged, be loved, make mistakes, be accepted for who I am, not be a super achiever, not keep proving myself, … I never wanted the fancy titles the world gave me… I wanted to be ME. If only I had been strong enough to throw away that tag and live my life…”


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