Seeing with Closed Eyes

IMG_1592Blind are those who have that cannot see. – Ruskin Bond

This had been one of her favorite lines from school days after she read the story ‘Eyes Have It’ by Ruskin Bond. She never knew this one statement will sum up her life in years to come.

She had a strange feeling when she put in her resignation. She knew that there is something that was not right. What she had heard from Ms.A could not be true. People told her otherwise, but she chose to believe Ms. A. Because, Ms. A was her ‘friend’. As years rolled by, she ignored a lot of things that Ms. A did. Ms. A had taken the liberty of making fun of her in front of friends, told her that she cannot be successful, put her down on various occasions. But she did not say anything. Ms. A had stood by her years back – on two occasions in her times of need. She had heard the story of Ms. A’s struggles and how she fought with her family to be a ‘woman of substance’. She understood the emotional journey of Ms. A and wanted to be there – woman to woman.

She shared her struggles with Ms A. She believed Ms. A would help her. But that was far from reality. When a very close common friend her of how Ms. A played a key role in her resignation and ensured that the people in the organization do not think of highly of her, she has rebuked the close friend. He tried a couple of times, then gave up. He understood she would not listen and would learn the ‘hard’ way. She believed that men are envious of successful women and blamed the common friend of being insecure/ manipulating facts. In the bargain, she lost a good mentor and friend.

A lot of her well-wishers saw what she was still blind and warned her again and again. But she did not believe them. She did not want to believe them. She strongly believed that people are good souls; only circumstances make them do things that are not good. Hence, she tried her best to make things work for Ms A – project the good qualities of Ms. A to others, stood by her through thick and thin. But Ms. A played with her weakness – her goodness.

While she was blind, a couple of good friends drifted away. A few stood by her because they took upon themselves to ensure that her blindness is cured.

Finally, they were successful in curing her – she could see. The paid a heavy price of the blind faith in Ms. A – losing a job, losing her mentor/best friend, losing a few good friends, fights with family members, mental and emotional turmoil…

If she had opened her eyes, the people she cherished the most would be by her side today.IMG_1592

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