Never Grow Up…



Childhood is one of the best phases in life to be in. It is that phase of our lives where we :

Were not chained by biases of any kind – caste, color, gender, region and religion – all were friends and we shared with all

Were open to learning and applying our learning – Remember, we all went home and dissolved sugar in water – (saturation)

Weer open to experimenting in life – I tried putting a live wire in a socket and got a lesson for life πŸ˜‰

Never gave up – While learning to ride a bicycle, we fell, we got up and tried again. Tried till we mastered the art of cycling with one hand… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Always had the end in mind – we knew what we wanted and we knew how to get it. We climbed mango/guava trees, careful that the branch should not break; slyly so that our parents / neighbours do not catch us doing these acts (so it was done in the afternoons when people slept). We fell and bruised ourselves but ensured we got that raw mango or guava.

Believed in forgiving friends – We did not hold a grudge and forgave friends even if they did not say sorry. We loved them as much as they loved us. We created memories together.

Had no egos – We said sorry when we made a mistake

Believed in team work – The best team work came into play not sports, but playing holi and writing exams. I still remember MNR entrance exams and I know how many engineers are thanking their one friend today J J πŸ˜‰

StoodΒ by each other – We all took the punishment/ scolding and never disclosed names of anyone. If we said, we are in it together we meant it and no one could break that

Were not judgemental – We did not judge people based on their past mistakes. No matter what mistakes our friends made, they were still our friends. The world did not like them, world has to deal with it.

Lived in the now – We loved to have fun and lived in the present. Future was something our parents worried about. The now mattered to us. Our parents worried about tomorrow.

Had fun in what we did – We enjoyed everything –right from attending classes to missing them on the pretext of house-work or Gandhi corner work πŸ˜‰

Did not bother what others would say – We were not affected what others said about us. Our preference did not change because others did not approve of it. Remember, singing without knowing the notes on the top of our voices. I would have never played badminton if that was the case, I was the only girl who played in my colony.

Laughed at ourselves – we made mistakes and we laughed along with the others. We laughed and giggled when we were happy and we did not bother about what others would say.


We learnt best when we were children. We were happy and ensured others around us were also happy. Let that child in you still live. Let a part of you still have that child – naughty, playful, curious, fearless and fun loving.

Dedicated to the child in you. NEVER let it grow up.

Happy Chidren’sDay


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