Facing a Bad Day?


talking behind your back

Have you had to face a day that just did not go your way? Even as simple as trying to talk to someone did not go the way you wanted it to? Want to know why? Maybe there is more to it than just a “BAD DAY”

May be these things are happening for reasons that you do not know, but now you will. Maybe it is the way you approach people, the way you sit, the movement you make, almost all of it plays a role in your daily life. To get the kind of response from people you are looking for, follow these simple rules. Alright, let’s get into it.

There are a few things that you need to be conscious about, SOCIETY will always judge you and that is okay because they cannot really have a say in your life. These tips are just to help you appear in a way that will help you come through in social surroundings. Being socially active is everyone’s game now, to be a part of the TEAM, follow these rules and score away!


  1. Dress appropriately: There are various ways to dress for every occasion if you get that right you’ve already made it to half time. Dress in a way that does not draw too much attention towards you, the simpler the better. Haven’t you heard? SIMPLE IS THE NEW CLASSY.
  1. Conversation Starter: If you are headed towards someone to start a conversation with them, walk with confidence and make eye contact with the person while you smile at them. Start the conversation with something light like introducing yourself. Do not drag the conversation for too long, cut it short and end with something like “nice talking to you”
  1. Be polite: Being polite will always get you places, it is a sign of maturity that most people forget to show.
  1. Dining etiquette on point: Most of the time we socialize over a meal or a drink, our dining etiquette needs to be on point. To know more about dining etiquette, stayed tuned, as another blog will be up in a few days specifically for it.
  1. Eye Contact is a MUST: While you are talking to someone give them all your attention, do not lose eye contact or interrupt them. Listen patiently, it will give the other person a sense of comfort and calm.
  1. Walk: Walk with confidence, with your head held high. You are not below anyone else, ARE YOU? Keep that head on your shoulders.
  1. Listen to what the other person has to say rather than ranting about yourself. Talk on topics that are mutual and conversable by everyone you are talking to. Involve the other person in the conversation so they do not get bored and walk away.  
  1. Carry yourself with grace and dignity, if you respect yourself everyone else will. Be respectful and be respected.


Master these tips and I am sure your company will leave a lasting impression.. There are many other things, but for starters work on these and see the difference, stay tuned for more tips. See you soon!


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