Dronacharya’s Birthday

Today is a special day. It is Dronacharya’s birthday – man who taught his disciple by physically not being present. It is HER Dronacharya’s birthday. He was her guru, mentor, teacher, friend, critique, guide… He had taught her the most important lessons in life – to believe in herself, to respect herself, to love herself, she is important… Every word he said, she absorbed like a sponge. She started to work on herself, inside-out. Her family noticed the change, her friends and even people who hardly knew her saw a new her – she was more confident, aware and assertive. This was her Turning Point. Clearly her life was Before Droncharya and After Dronacharya.

One day, D was no longer physically there. He had moved on to a different world – a world where she could not access him; a world far away from where she lived; a world where the pains of life would not bother him; a world where he thought he would be happy, finally. However, had kept his promise of never leaving her side. He was there for her only in spirit, for her. His conversations (teachings) formed a major part of her memory and the answers to the questions that life threw at her.

She embarked on a journey and she knew she cannot stop. She knew it will not be easy without her D – But life is never easy – it has its ups and downs and twists and turns. And that makes life worth living. She had to keep moving. Every time she was stuck or wanted answers, she went back to her conversations with D. She found her answers and she moved ahead. Took challenges head on and was discovering the various facets of life. Discovering a new her with every challenge she faced. She evolved with each challenge, she became stronger.

She still had a lot of questions – why and what of things and relationships. She still wanted to find answers – answers for herself, answers to find her purpose in life; answers which she knew people chose not to answer as it meant peeling layers that one conveniently choses to cover. She did find a lot of ‘intelligent’ people along the way. People who told her the what and why but the information was all bookish or theoretical – none that touched her heart and her soul. So her reference point was still a playback of her conversations with D.

She came to a crossroad yet again wondering what to do. She was confused, scared and totally lost. She felt life was slipping from her hands. She had to find the answers – and that too soon. She closed her eyes to find the answers. No voice played back. No conversation. There was silence. She got jittery. She focused more. She closed her eyes. She prayed to God that she could hear the voice amongst all the clutter in her head. Her prayers were answered. A voice gave her the answers. But wait, it this was not the voise she always heard. This was not her D. She replayed the voice in her head, it was another voice. Initially she was confused. Then she realized it is her new Dronacharya – a person she looked upto, who was empathetic and not bookish, someone who understood her, accepted her for who she was and did not expect her to change. She has unconsciously replaced this person with her D. Her D had fulfilled his purpose in her life. He has got her to a point where she needed someone different – a different perspective, thinking and experience. His role in her life was over. She felt a pain. Her head told her she was being selfish – how can she be so insensitive and forget her D. At this moment, both the voices told her in unison – She had to let go, she had to move on. She can visit the past but she needs to live in the present and work for her future.

Yes indeed, it is a special day. Not only was it D’s birthday but for her another rD was born today.

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