Aircraft Etiquette

Not only when you eat, talk or walk, etiquette are important even when you fly. So here are a few things that should be taken care of while you are in the air.
  1. Odor check- So the first and the foremost thing that should be kept in mind is to not drench yourself with strong perfumes or deodorants. The person sitting next to you might get uncomfortable. Also avoid carrying eatables that have a strong odor.
  2. The beauty sleep- Always invest in a neck pillow. You would noy want to end up sleeping on your neighbour’s shoulder. If you are on the middle ot aisle seat avoid using tray table as headrest.
  3. The lavatory- Avoid being in the washroom for long and make sure there isn’t any mess created inside.
  4. Get up at convenient time- Avoid getting up every now and then. Think before you plan a visit to the washroom. If someone next to you is sleeping, instead of passing over them give a light tap on their shoulder and say excuse me.
  5. Recline, but be careful- Make sure you do not get into someone’s space. Be kind and check before reclining so the person can adjust his/her laptop, drinks or food.
  6. The overhead bin- If you have more than one bag, do not put them horizontally. They might eat up the other passenger’s space. If you have a smaller bag try keeping it near your feet.
  7. Do not get sloshed- A few drinks are good but do not end up annoying people around you. Also it will make you use the lavatory every 20 minutes.
  8. The Armrests- One relaxation for the one sitting on the middle seat is that the armrests are for them. If the passenger is not using the armrest, with his/her kind permission you may use the armrest.
  9. Keep children in check – Carry enough color books, toys and eatables to keep your child engaged during the flight. They should not be disturbing others.
  10. Carry bags that you can lift – If your handbag is too heavy and you are unable to put it in the overhead compartment, you can check-in the baggage.
  11. Don’t use phone in the flight – After the announcements have been made for ‘flight-on’ or ‘switch-off’ mode, avoid using your mobiles
  12. Don’t push while de-planing – The aircraft will ensure you de-plane. Do not push fellow passengers. Also, you can only de-plane once the doors are open. Standing the moment the aircraft stops taxiing, will not does not serve any purpose.
  13. Be considerate and polite to the flight attendants – They are there to serve you and are doing their best to make your journey comfortable and pleasant.
  14. Do not take off your shoes and socks – be considerate of the passengers around you.
  15. Avoid being chatty with a co-passenger – In case your co-passenger is also interested in having a conversation with you, avoid getting friendly or doing business networking.

Follow these jetiquette and not only you but the others will also have a good flying experience.



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