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Blind are those who have that cannot see. Her favorite lines from ‘Eyes Have It’ by Ruskin Bond. She never knew this one statement will sum up her Read More

Reputation Matters !!!

Reputation- Build It!!! “IndiGo staff manhandle passenger at Delhi airport” read the newspaper’s headlines IndiGo has been a frequently and happily used airline. It takes hundreds of happy customers Read More

Trump’s Triumph!

Trump’s Triumph! Talking of personal branding and being a brand how can we forget talking about Donald Trump the current and 45th President of United States Of America. The businessman turned Read More

Image doesn’t cost, it pays!

There is nothing interesting about looking perfect- you lose the point. You want what you are wearing to say something about you. About who you are. -Emma Watson Read More

Aircraft Etiquette

Not only when you eat, talk or walk, etiquette are important even when you fly. So here are a few things that should be taken care of while Read More

A Decade of Transformation!

Yeh kaali kaali aankhein, ye gore gore gaal! Kajol! Yes that’s the name which crossed our minds while humming this song. One of the powerful female actor Kajol Read More

Facing a Bad Day?

  Have you had to face a day that just did not go your way? Even as simple as trying to talk to someone did not go the Read More

A Superwoman

From her younger days, she was a simple and happy-go-lucky girl. She did not have big plans for herself and was happy the way her life was going. Read More